Wednesday 22 July 2015

Do shoes cause pain around lateral malleolus?

For some months I've been struggling with pain below my right later malleolus which might be related to peroneus longus trigger points. However I had also related it to worn shoes and then to ankle eversion but only in certain shoes.

A new pair of TNF hiking shoes bought to avoid shoes with worn heels seemed to be particularly irritating. Last night, after finding my Ultra 290 shoes annoying towards the end of the run I hit on an idea. Maybe shoes are simply rubbing on my ankle?

So now I've done some simple measurements looking at the 'height' of the lateral aspect of a range of shoes. It's rough and ready and one could argue about exactly where I measured, how compressible the footbeds are etc etc but the results surprised me anyway.

Here I've shown the 'lowest' shoes and the increasing height of my other shoes is quite apparent. The TNF shoes, presumably with the goal of being supportive are almost 15mm taller. No wonder they rub! Note how my old favourites, the RocLite 315 are the lowest of the Inov8 shoes and the Ultra290 the highest.

I've ordered some 6mm footbeds to swap into the 290s and found some leftover 315s online. A few more experiments, and avoidance of the TNF and unadjusted 290s will follow.

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