Wednesday 15 July 2015

Swim session 13

Today was my second swimming session with my new Garmin Swim that I bought to replace the counter I lost in Kirkcaldy. Yesterday the date stamp on the file transferred from Garmin Connect to Strava was incorrect and this is a known error which I could have avoided had I known about it but it's now synchronised correctly. I also struggled with 'pause' initially but on rereading the manual I used the feature effectively today. Importantly 'pause' also breaks the swim into recognisable intervals.

It seems to work pretty well although today I might have lost 1 length in a total of 62. Of course the watch doesn't record leg drills as its controlled by an accelerometer on your wrist. More significantly the rest data aren't transferred to Strava so the pace average is only on moving time which isn't my convention.

The collection of length by length data is a little better than I achieved with the lap counter and definitely needs less typing in. Importantly the watch will keep data for around 30 swims so doesn't need to be copied off after every swim - unlike the counter. I've set the custom display to show the interval distance so that helps me keep track of each set.

Technique-wise I struggled with a sinking lead arm which is probably due to tiredness from consecutive swim days.

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