Saturday 11 July 2015


On our third day of walking parts of the Fife Coastal Path we drove to Largo and then took the bus to Anstruther. That gave us a 13mile length to walk, most of which was beach. The weather forecast wasn't great but we were lucky and it hasn't rained yet.

On this we passed the Elie Chainwalk but decided against doing it. I'd like to return with plenty of time and some gloves. From the ridge, looking down, we could see 2 chained sections and the general terrain. It certainly is a scramble but it was hard to see how exposed it is. In one place, steps cut into the rock were very clear, making that section look quite straightforward. Not far away though, we saw a couple scrambling up a short ridge that didn't look prepared at all. Nonetheless they cleared it quickly.

Actually we now have a short list of things that we still want to do in Fife, perhaps including completion of the Coastal Path, so there are ideas for a future holiday.

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