Tuesday 28 July 2015

Tuesday swim

It was a fair bit later than I'd expected when I went for today's swim. Really it had been a long day. Once again I didn't bother taking any special kit as I didn't want to be carrying it home. The core of my swim was 6x 200m sets and I was pleased that 5 of these came in under 2:45 min/100m. The rests were a bit longer than 5 seconds! Nonetheless I suppose this pace does count as progress.

Looking back at my data, a year ago it was taking 59 minutes to do 1530m (total elapsed time) whereas today it took 47 minutes. That is progress.

I felt the leading arm was dropping a bit as I tired and on one set I stopped at 100m to refocus and make a fresh start. I'm also finding that trying for a vertical forearm is tending to shorten the stroke and I'm rarely extending my arm past my hips before recovery.

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