Friday 10 July 2015

Second trip to the pool

I've managed two swims and a run in addition to 3 walking days so have kept pretty much to  schedule. Today's swim seemed to go well, I did 200m sets with 30 rest interval and believed that I'd done 1500m in a little around 45 minutes. That would have been great as 3min/100m over a kilometre is a key goal.

Unfortunately I don't have the data as it seems that I left my goggle/locker change/lap counter packet in the changing rooms. I went back within 40 minutes and have telephoned twice and they haven't appeared in the lost property box. It is very odd as the pool was almost deserted and I don't recall there being anyone in the changing area when I left.

The loss is irritating as the goggles were nearly new (although I wasn't all that impressed by them) and I've lost some data! Now, do I replace the lap counter or commit to a swim watch? Ambit 3 are on special offer, presumably to clear stocks for an imagined Ambit 4, but the swim mode has been suggested to be dodgy.

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