Friday 21 August 2015

August 2015 Week 2 Session 3 and Week 3 Session 1

At the end of the week I've squeezed in 2 swims so managed a full three! I've accomplished the programme now that the kit list is shorter and consistent between sessions.

In Session 3 I achieved the progression of effort although the first set had the best pace altogether. In today's routine the 200m sets seemed very achievable and I think I'm managing the high elbow fairly well. With the snorkel I think it's now fairly easy and can get a good (for me) pace. Including rightside breathing drops the pace by 10s/100m and I fear that my stroke is a little asymmetric; which I suppose is inevitable.

At the end of the sessions I've done a few lengths without the pull buoy and then my legs feel even heavier than ever before!

I think I'm a little slower than last week but I have done 3 swims in quite close succession within 6 days of a 30 mile run...

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