Thursday 13 August 2015

August 2015 Week 2 Session 1

I've had to adopt a complex date system to make sense of these swim sessions. My previous numbering was not clear enough. I managed to do 3 swims in week one and so here goes week two.

The pool was busy so I had a few stop-start lengths that registered as additional lengths on the watch but even so I thought it went very well. I really did think I could 'feel' the 'catch'. Looking at the data I think this was a valid observation. The routine was basically 9x 167m with the Big Buoy, first ones being done with snorkel. In those set I managed a best 100m in 2:10 minutes and without the snorkel 2:23 minutes. That's hardly world class but it is progress. The whole session came in at 2:43/100m over 2000m including rests; which I barely felt to be necessary!

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