Thursday 20 March 2014

A new local running shop prompts $pending

A new running shop opened on Sharrowvale Road, roughly on my home a few months ago. I popped in today for a quick look around and Mark assisted in my choosing a pair of more cushioned road shoes. I explained that I'd been using more minimal shoes and that I wondered if I'd increased the distance a bit much and whether that had been a factor in the sore knee. The outcome of all of this after a few episodes on the treadmill was the purchase of a pair of Brooks Ravenna 5 in the rather garish red/white colourway. They'll clash with my blue gear!

Being slightly injured at present, the purchase of a Grid roller from TPTherapy also occurred. The budget one bought from Argos many months ago has started to soften and crush into an hourglass shape and doesn't feel up to the job anymore.

Stolen from the company website

Quite a costly bit of browsing then! We did have a little chat that running isn't as 'free' as one might hope it might be, at least in the western world, but concluded that cost per hour per km is not too extortionate.

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