Saturday 8 March 2014

Forced to walk!

The plan to spread distance between days hasn't worked out very well although I have done detours on my walk home form work to various shops which will have added mileage.

This morning I set off to do the Round Walk in reverse and made a really good start, steady and consistent with only minor niggles from my knee. However around half way round, in Lady's Spring Wood the niggle became pain and running was not sensible. I chose to walk home rather than complete the circuit walking as I was getting cold and even walking was uncomfortable. I tired a few jogs but after only a few steps decided I couldn't do it. As I approached home the discomfort seemed to fade away and the rollering and stretching wasn't painful.

I can't believe anything is torn as a range of movement isn't painful; perhaps just another odd spasm, I certainly hope so. I'm seeing the physio early next week so hopefully I'll be told that nothing is damaged and the tight things forced to relax.

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