Saturday 29 April 2017

Two hour aquathon

I kept my motivation and arrived at Hatfield well into the morning session meaning that I only had clear 45minutes for swimming. I committed to a big loop, 800m, so reasonable after last weeks multiple small loops. The water felt cold initially but it didn't take me too many attempts to get my head in and get swimming. I kept a very steady pace as I'm still getting my confidence in the water and the feel of the wet suit. Early on I had to stop, calm my breathing, and settle into a fresh rhythm as I was going too fast, but that was OK. My goggles got a bit damp by the end so I struggled to see the route too. As I'd been out for 25-30 minutes I felt I had time for a 200m small lap and certainly not another full lap. The cold was penetrating a little too.

The wetsuit was dragging a bit on my right arm and my left arm was collapsing whilst breathing. Things to try to deal with next time. Socks were better within the wetsuit cuffs although this didn't make them any easier to take off!

A Mr T sandwich (Mustard, Rocket and Tofu)
In the afternoon, after a few little jobs I ran to Oxstones for lunch. Even though I don't really use my legs for swimming much they did feel tired and that 14km was plenty.

Sunday 23 April 2017

Easter training

The Easter holiday has given me plenty of time to get some walking practice. I've even fitted in a few runs! Over the period I've covered 82 miles and feel this has set up a good baseline. Over 4 days we completed around 50 miles which is the distance of The Big Walk, although that has to be done within 24 hours.

Saturday 22 April 2017

Hatfield and Silvertip

At the end of last week I visited the new Alpkit shop in Hathersage to get an opinion of which size to chose of their Silvertip wetsuit. I'd had both a Medium and a Medium Tall sent in the post and felt that the Tall version suited me best. Ben in the shop agreed and so I left with a nice refund.

Today was the wetsuit's first test and the start of my new season and I went along to Doncaster where I first dipped my toes in last year. The water at Hatfield today was measured at 11.7°C which really did take my breath away as it crept through the zip. I had to do head-out breast stroke for quite a few minutes to settle my breathing and get used to the water, then a few face down strokes with eyes closed and eventually managed to get going. Once settled in I was content working around the small novice circuit at a steady (or slow?) pace. After 4 proper laps I could tell that my hands were getting stiff and the cold starting to penetrate deeply so called it a day.

Getting changed was the usual struggle of cold, stiffness and eventually shivers but I didn't take too long to reach the cafe for a hot drink. I was one of the first out of the water although a few of the others around me had certainly felt the cold!

Sunday 9 April 2017

February 2017 Week 6 Session 1

It's a been over a week since my last swim. I've had a cold which has really drained me and combined with hard days at work I've just not felt I wanted to swim.

Today's warm-up was slow although I managed 19/20 fast lengths at 2:00min/100m or better. I don't know why I didn't manage the 20th, it was mid-session and surrounded by lengths at a good lace. Perhaps I lost concentration?

My attempt at a final fast 100m didn't work out, I was slow, and would have been even if not blocked on the third length.

Saturday 8 April 2017

Back on the trail

I felt fit enough to try a long run this morning as my cold seemed to be fading away. I chose to do the Blacka Moor half marathon loop, but taking it very slowly. The weather was lovely which made it all the more enjoyable.

All through the run I aimed to keep my heart rate down but after 15km I started day dreaming and lost pace quite substantially. Probably no bad thing, as I was occasionally aware of a tight left calf and rubbing toe. This is the longest run in terms of time and distance that I've done for around 3 months so there would be a risk of over-doing it. My right foot felt a bit stiff on setting off but didn't feel to deteriorate.