Sunday 31 May 2020

Consolidation and consistency

I started May with a potential knee problem and leave it with some recurrence of my left foot pain. However I've managed some consistency in my running which shows a solid foundation over the spring.

I must try harder on stretching and roller work to reap the benefits long-term.

Destination #10

Another beautiful day for a run although I set out with tired legs. Today's destination was a little further from home than some of the previous ones and there were many routes to choose. Initially I'd planned to approach via Stanage Edge but decided it would be a bit too far. In the plantation I spotted 2 dear in a firebreak. During Covid runs I've seen deer far more frequently than previously. Maybe their behaviour has changed due to reduced traffic or is it simply that I'm out and about earlier?

I found the target just beyond Cowper Stone.

The rock formations include hidden passages and tunnels, perfect for concealing a geocache. I'm not sure whether these spaces are due to natural clefts or mining.

Whilst pausing before departing for home several curlew flew over and another bird (maybe a plover) spotted me and chirpped at me until I ran away.

Sunday 24 May 2020

Destination #9

The running group's destination runs have been set each week with points set across the Eastern Moors. I missed one as I cut back due to pain in my left knee to take a week off running. It seemed to as I've managed to get back to target after a few weeks building back up.

Today was a shock as the weather has broken and as I ascended out of the sheltered Sheffield valleys the wind and rain were quite unpleasant. On Blacka Moor I spotted a herd of deer, who were sufficiently relaxed to slow me to find my camera and take a few pictures.

It's well known that deer are on the moor but in the past I've only caught a distant fragment of one.

Destination #9 was described as being below a crag on Houndkirk Moor but despite circling the appropriate spot and peering under stones and into crevices I couldn't find the logbook. I gave up before becoming too cold. It's no matter really, the goal was an encouragement to be outl for a few hours on a day when it would have been all too easy to stay warm indoors.

Monday 11 May 2020

HRM battery change

Once again I spotted failure of the HRM belt by super-high heart rate data causing the 935 to indicate a massive effort. The run on Sunday was a few km more than intended but was at a gentle pace.

Just before bed tonight I've fitted a new CR2032, as before it needed 2 attempts to restart and be paired.

It's over a year since last replacement so that's fair although I've not run much so it's not had heavy usage.