Friday 27 July 2018

Easedale Tarn

The path started smooth, tarmaced and level, or even downhill, so the atypical summer sun was bearable at a moderate jog. As the gravel started the incline appeared, a stealthy attack on progress. Soon the surface was 'improved' with ankle-cracking slate slabs spaced to catch careless toes. An erosion solution with a hidden cost to health? Approaching the valley head progress slowed as rocky steps formed the route, occasional at first but progressing into a staircase too steep for running by city dwellers. Laborious steps and loose gravel formed the barrier to the corrie lip where the cool water was revealed beyond a soft carpet of mountain grass.

A literal dipping of toes was refreshing but all too brief. On this terrain a Grade Adjusted Profile reveals the cautious runners where descent pace is less than ascent. The fear of loose stones and uneven steps precipitating broken arms and teeth decelerates those with more imagination than skill. Short sections of firm trail are an opportunity to make progress ever more so as the curve shallows. The ankle-slabs were fewer whilst retracing steps, so the pace must have been better, or technique quickly learnt. The tarmac though is now uphill, through a village with tourists curious at the flustered runner. Why is the last 100m of a run always uphill?

Saturday 21 July 2018

Slightly hungover

Last night we were out for dinner with my employer and didn't get until 01:00 this morning. Naturally I woke up at the usual time and despite feeling a little groggy decided that it would be wise to get out and about to burn off a few alcohol calories. I'd an errand to do on Abbeydale Road which made doing a section of The Round Walk a sensible route.

 It's been sunny for practically all of the last 6 weeks (at least!) and this long grass in Meersbrook Park show how dry the countryside is.

Sunday 15 July 2018

Elbow week 1

No swimming but a fair bit of arm exercise has made my left elbow slightly aching now. After the DOMS from circuits I didn't want to do the exercises on Friday and although Saturday would have been ideal I cut the hedge - and wielding a large hedge trimmer was sufficient effort. This morning I took the chance to do them soon after breakfast and found that they were quite straightforward and didn't cause any pain at the time.

This afternoon I've been tidying the woodshed and sawn a stack of wood; although I'm right handed the left got used in moving the timber.

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Elbow rehab

The physio and I agreed on Monday that as my elbow is not healing it is time to start some focussed rehab. By working through a set of exercises it became clear that my left arm and shoulder is distinctly weaker than the right. Exercises such as press-ups didn't seem to hurt the elbow whereas front raises were a little painful.

So I have a progressive plan now to strengthen the whole chain. I'm to start with the exercises least painful, mostly to build shoulder strength and stability. When they can be done pain free I'm to move on to loading the elbow muscles and tendons.

This evening's circuit included stacks of press-ups and shoulder presses and I was only vaguely aware of my elbow, so that was spot-on. It'll be interesting to see how it is tomorrow, I think the rest of me will be tired as it was a tough session.

Sunday 8 July 2018

Short, slow run

My normal Sunday morning run was done after a longer than usual Saturday run. It was a lovely sunny morning and although I'd finished before 10:00 it was hot.

Presumably the combination of fatigue and heat was responsible for me being 10% slower than usual. Generally on this run I get to the finger post in just under 45 minutes.

Saturday 7 July 2018

Stanage edge

Knowing that I'm going to step back from swim training I decided to stretch myself a little more on today's run. Even though I was well on the way at 07:30 it soon became quite hot and Porter Clough was especially airless- as it always is!

I went up onto Stanage Edge, being very careful on the rocks. It was amazingly dry with a great panorama onto the Dark Peak.

I went down Burbage valley and then over to Houndkirk Road for the journey home. I must confess that some walking took place and the overall pace was very modest. Perhaps it was very well paced really as I've not run much over 20km in a long time and it the weather was rather warm. A good long slow run.

Friday 6 July 2018

Friday swim

So I started the friday swim being aware of my elbow and set to the intervals. I managed a few lengths below the 2:00min/100m pace but couldn't crack it for 2 lengths consecutively. I'm quite pleased that I managed to finish with 267m at a very easy 2:30min/100m fairly consistently.

Today I also took the sensible course of action and withdrew from the Dart 10km. There's no way I'm going to be fit enough and I wouldn't want to start wit the intention of dropping out and being cold and wet waiting to be returned to base. There's a goal for 2019. Now I'm thinking that I will stop swimming for a month and see if that helps my elbow.

Tuesday 3 July 2018

Not healing!

Today my left elbow has been aching, with the discomfort extending into my biceps. Holding a phone still really aggravates it. No swim until Friday.

Monday 2 July 2018

Loss of pace

After work my elbow felt pretty good so I decided in favour of a swim; even though over the weekend I'd thought I might quit for the whole of July. I thought that a continuous swim was needed as I've become far too used to stopping for sets or intervals and lost the feeling of just keeping going.

The image tells the story as my pace showed a tailing off from start to finish. For the first 20 lengths I felt fine but I was well aware that the last 12 were a struggle. Nonetheless a scan of my blog suggests that 24:22min for 1000m is a PB with an average pace of 2:26min/100m.

02/07/18 2:26min/100m
02/02/18 2:28min/100m
18/01/18 2:32 min/100m
05/03/17 2:42 min/100m
04/01/16 3:02 min/100m
26/02/15 3:40 min/100m

During and after the swim my shoulder and elbow felt good so maybe I am healing?