Tuesday 5 September 2023

Trying yet again to to keep up endurance

I find it hard to commit time to long, slow runs or walks. By this I mean over 30km or 6 hours of walking.  Even with a week's holiday that pattern doesn't fit in and I often only mange a few short runs. Today I was fortunate to have some annual leave to take, lovely weather and nothing else pressing to do. However I'm out of practice and didn't want to over do things. So I decided on a walk/jog to Hathersage which is 32km round trip from home.

I also took along my poles which I rarely use as I'm not well practiced and find them an overall hinderance. How would I get on with them today, how would they fit onto my Harrier pack? I found them useful on uphill sections, which I'd already decided to walk, with a bit of arm effort I felt I'd got a good ascending pace. On one or two easy level bits I was able to use them whilst jogging but anywhere else they went back on the pack. That wasn't ideal either as they fit horizontally at what turns out to be elbow height so I was aware of them if I was swinging my arms. So I had to put the tip covers on to reduced the risk of injury. Jury's out currently....

Despite the leisurely pace I tired on the return leg, dragging my feet and managing to trip over a teeny rock. Luckily I'd enough water to rinse off the various grazes. (My ribs still hurt a few days later).

Whilst on holiday I'd seen the Southern Upland Way and fancy a go at that - so I need better long distance pace. I'm not thinking of running 214 miles but due to the lack of settlements you're committed to some pretty long days.