Friday 29 June 2018

A bit of a catch up...

I've not been posting much recently as I've been rather out of sorts with my exercise. This spring I was to focus on swimming in preparation for a 10k marathon swim. So I cut back on running only to develop tennis elbow at Easter just as I thought that I was improving my technique.

I've seen the physic, tried exercises, cut down on distance, tried short swims, spaced them more, done them daily and all to no avail. I still have an irritated elbow and currently I think it might be spreading. Actually I fear that it may be spreading, apparently this concern about worsening an injury is major factor in people reducing activity when they have a pain.  But might that not be a valid concern, doesn't chronic overload damage soft tissues irreversibly? There is some recurrent tightness around my shoulders, especially the left, but I'm assured that there are no signs of rotator cuff damage.
Currently I have moved onto a swim every 5 days or so, alternating between intervals and a steady swim; none of them long. Today I managed 2 sets of 67m at 2:01min/100m pace although generally I couldn't maintain that pace for the intervals. Nonetheless there is modest progress in pace and gradually I feel I do have more than one swimming speed that I can draw on. It's a pity I don't believe it's possible to train longer and achieve the 10km goal.

On the bright side I have picked up on the trail running although I have lost pace on my legs and the hot (how can we complain?!) weather is a bit too much of a good thing in the afternoon.

Saturday 2 June 2018

Some recovery

A week off swimming and only a little exercise altogether seems to have help my elbow. I have been doing wrist pronation and supination exercises everyday although not as often as advised.

On waking this morning my elbow ached less than it has for a month  and so I went for a short swim. I focussed on careful high elbow technique but not to the extreme nor with overt should extension. I tried to keep my forearms relaxed and included bilateral breathing lengths to reduce the asymmetry of the session. The pace was modest but acceptable.

Now the elbow feels pretty good although I'm aware it's not 100%. Let's see how it fares tomorrow  - I must do the wrist exercises later this afternoon.