Saturday 26 September 2020

Todwick 12

I'm trying to develop a good running routine again after a break due to disrupted guts. The medics claim the radiotherapy didn't affect it but I've not been trouble-free since. Could be a coincidence of getting older? It's a disappointment that I've had to step back and rebuild as early in the summer I was managing a reasonable distance each week in a reliable way.

Anyway, I took the risk today of another 50% increase in length to 12km. I've only run this circuit once before although included sections in 2 other longer runs. I felt that I pushed quite hard today and was rewarded by 7 Strava segment stars.

Of course, gaining '3' means that it was my second slowest attempt! The weather was blustery and that's my excuse for an especially slow kilometre near the end when I was into a headwind and uphill.

Closer analysis might suggest that I set off too fast and lost pace? The main thing is that I was out for over an hour and seem fine afterwards.