Saturday 6 May 2017

Getting properly cold

I arrived at Hatfield primed to do two laps of the 800m lake. I was changed quickly and face in the water faster than previously. It was a little bit warmer in fairness.

The first lap took somewhere over 20minutes which is slow considering the lift of the wetsuit. I did have a bit of a splutter at one point but that was only a 20second delay! By the time I started the second lap I was cooling, my feet were cold despite the socks, the small of my back was slightly stiff but, importantly, my hands weren't showing any clawing. Half way around this lap I began to feel disorientated and thinking of the route was a bit harder, my coordination less and hampering my inept sighting. As I approached the final turn I went completely off track as I was focussing on keeping going and not looking. I nearly reached the jetty! A little detour got me on the the loop but then I couldn't workout which of the pink buoys was marking the exit. Seemingly I was surrounded by a forest of confusing buoys. Once I spotted the ramp I was Ok, and headed to that to stagger out of the water.

Even though I felt I was a bit more deeply cold I did manage to get my clothes on a little bit faster than previously and only spilt a little of my coffee.

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