Sunday, 23 June 2019

Carry on swimming

I've put a bit of effort into my swimming this week and although no 'long' swims I've managed some interval work and practice at bilateral breathing, as well as testing my arms with the paddle. In total I've swum around 5km which is the most for many month although I appreciate that this is only really a day of training for some!

Some single lengths have been at 2:05min/100m pace and I've completed 100m sets at under 2:20min/100m with bilateral breathing. These intervals show that I can now generate some power as required but the endurance aspect is probably the deficiency now. I've done a few longer sets with the ToyBuoy to facilitate this but must work to get over 15 minutes.

This morning @fairplay_al arranged for the circuit group to meet at Hathersage pool for a dawn swim.

This morning's dawn from
Previously the various systems to swim at Hathersage have put me off but today it was very simple and I'm now tempted to return as it was a very pleasant swim.

My left arm feels distinctly fatigued now, hopefully it'll settle before next week.

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