Sunday 26 April 2020

Destination #5

Today we ran to a tree just off Rud Hill, facing the Redmires reservoirs. Very much uphill from home for over an hour, with gradually more exposure to a light wind.

I've not used the permissive path before being unsure of it's condition or route. For this destination it was clearly the intended way to approach.

On the descent, heading back home, I saw a variety of birds. First a chevron of geese, seemingly low flying but perhaps they were north of the ridge and well above the ground?  Then I spotted a solitary bird notable for transverse black and white rings around its body. Looking at bird finders and pictures online it might have been a plover. There don't seem to be other birds in England with that marking, even though it is considered uncommon. There are reported sightings at Redmires so not impossible. On Fullwood Lane there were goldfinches flitting between the hedge and a garden. Perhaps there was a box of seed attracting them.

As my fourth run this week I've slightly exceeded my target. Yesterday I commented that a consistent running routine had enabled weeks without an injury, as one could guess, today I'm aware of my left knee. I've done some roller work in case it's simply tight muscles pulling on things.

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