Sunday 12 February 2023

Sensible progress

I realised that I hadn't posted for some months. I have been running regularly, although not swimming, but at a good steady level with no injuries so, in many ways, no news is good news.

Since Christmas I've tried to do 3 runs per week. Of course this doesn't always happen, but that's not a problem. Importantly, I've introduced a weekday evening 5km road run. A loop to a local road junction is within 1% of 5km judging from repeated GPS tracks an that's good enough for me. I'm still a plodder but over some weeks there is a trend to gain pace. The route starts with a distinct ascent so it'll never be a PB route, and that section must be taken gently as part of a warm-up.

In January I've also been low on alcohol intake as dry-January was ongoing and I mostly joined-in. I'm not sure if this has helped pacing or whether it's simply the result of ongoing training.

This week I've got very close to my long term plan to run 40km weekly. Yesterday I ran nearly 25km, although some was walked and the rest was at a jog pace. Nonetheless it exceeded 20 km clearly. I'm wanting to do a long run in spring, or perhaps a few this summer, but haven't chosen a route yet. There's a loop around Castleton that looks interesting, or perhaps rather demanding, but the Liverpool-Leeds canal is also a possibility. A shorter canal might be a good practice first.    

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