Sunday 2 April 2023

Don Valley Way

I've been looking at options for a longer run, something longer than a marathon, for some weeks. Peddar's Way was an option for the summer but after reading a few hike reports I didn't think it sounded worth the trouble. It's a fair way from home and with endpoints in rather inaccessible spots. I suppose that's just how Norfolk is.

With a day off work I wanted something easy. Somehow I spotted the Don Valley Way which starts a £5 train trip from home and ends a bus ride away. The weather forecast was reasonably favourable too. After an evening of indecisive packing I was on my way. The video below gives an overview of the route. As others have said, it wasn't the most inspiring of trails.

I took sandwiches which were very welcome but bought a coffee and extra water at Thyrburgh. Overall I was slower than hoped and shocked that the GPS track says that I was stationary for an hour. My coffee break was brief so a substantial part must have been navigation. The route was vaguely marked throughout but was blocked all through Rotherham. I had to find an alternative and check the map often. It was also disheartening to be tramping on busy main roads, adding to my tiredness.

The Five Weirs was a pleasant change although that had a closure too. I mostly walked after Neepsend.
Having been off the route so much I can't even think about putting it on FKT so that wasn't an incentive.

Fly tipping was common along the path

Also, I can't recommend the route to others as the diversions and plentiful litter make it unpleasant. It's been a day out and shown me that I need to practice longer runs. I'm in a 15 to 20 km rut!

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