Thursday 27 November 2014

Hilly intervals

The latest edition of Trail Running magazine included a pull out training guide, as it so often does. The programmes all included hill sessions as an opportunity to improve power but that's something I've not tried. This evening I estimated a stretch on a local street which turned out to be 360m rather than the recommended 400m. That was a fairly good guess. The gradient was 5%, again acceptable.

I did 5 ascents, trying fairly hard after the first time. As a first time I didn't see a need to do the recommended 8. One of the notable things about the plans was their lack of progression. They started with 8 and finished with 8. Maybe one should try harder, or perhaps the same effort would result in better performance? The plans also seemed to be a bit short of rest days and rest weeks, some were less than others but not as much as I seem to need.

Anyway, the hill intervals were OK and my knees survived. A good first step.

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