Saturday 22 November 2014

Mostly round

Today's quandary was whether to do a long run or not. It's on the rota but my knees were a little niggly despite 3 non-running days. Despite the mist and drizzle I set off to do the Round Walk in reverse direction and go as far as felt comfortable. As a long run I tried to keep my pulse down although it did creep to 150bpm a couple of times.

Early in the run my left knee felt a bit weak but as I relaxed into it things seemed good and so I kept on going. It was only on the steep descent early in Porter Clough that  it was clear my legs should be given a rest as both quad insertions were slightly sore on the steps down. As the gradient lessened they were OK. Rather than go all the way to Hunter's Bar I turned home via Ivy Cottage Lane.

Plenty of rain last night...
So that was just over 25km. This is my longest run in terms of distance, elevation and time since 1st March. That run occurred during the time of the knee breakdown so I'll have to be careful. Some rest, rollering and hemp protein powder called for now.

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