Thursday 18 August 2016


During the Bay Challenge I came to the realisation that I lacked power for when the going gets tough. One of the books I've been reading comments that ultrarunners tend to work close to their VO2max. This sounds like a good thing although the problem is that their VO2max is low due to too much low intensity training. Or rather too little high intensity training.

Even though I can barely call myself an 'ultrarunner' I don't do hardly any intense training.

"Train slowly, run slowly"

It's great to do long runs into the Peak District and they do have a training benefit; perhaps much of it being psychological, mostly a confidence to keep on going. That knowledge enabled me to settle into a routine to complete the Bay safely but my lack of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal power was glaringly obvious whilst running into a strong coastal wind.

With this in mind I started with an interval session today and considered that I'd worked hard. Looking at my pace and heart rate data I was shocked/disappointed to find both were low! I knew that my average pace was mediocre but hoped that there were peaks of speed. Maybe next time?

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