Sunday 4 June 2017

The Big Walk 2017 training

Last Sunday we walked over 30 miles and although the pace was fine it did seem that knees were damaged. My left has been a bit irritated during the week but as the pain moved around I thought that was probably an insignificant niggle. Certainly it coped at with circuit training on Wednesday although I was cautious with single let squats and lunges.

Today's run was slower than usual and felt like hard work but at least I didn't spot anything other that stiff ankles. I'd almost developed a blister last week on my right heel, possibly due to leaving my shoes rather loosely tied, but again that's OK. Last week's walk did feel to cause quite a bit of fatigue, a few pool swims have been slow and yesterday's open water swim left me tired.

So overall I feel that I'm doing OK but mustn't get into an overtrained situation. It seems hard to believe with my relatively low training programme that it's a risk but I do sense an accumulation of fatigue.

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