Friday 16 February 2018

A little bit further

My training plan is requiring progressively longer swims and there's quite a way ahead of me to be ready for 10km.With the advice on high elbow I've very much taken a step back on distance especially as I'm working without the full buoy currently. Nonetheless today I needed to exceed 1500m. Reaching 1667m was quite struggle, especially trying to keep good form. After the first fast lengths my pace settled down and was maintained pretty much through the set; the final two lengths averaged the same as the overall average pace.

From the data I think this is a PB time for the first 1500m as a pool set, I don't think I have an equivalent 2017 swim. Although each week seems to show little progress, data across a few years is quite remarkable.

16/02/18  2:32min/100m
06/02/17  2:38 min/100m
04/01/16  3:02min/100m
05/03/15  3:35min/100m
26/07/14  3:52min/100m (estimated)

In Hatfield, wearing my Alpkit wetsuit, I've certainly not had a pace close to this although in Costa Brava (i.e. salt water advantage too) with the HUUB wetsuit I managed this pace, that is all reasonable as a good wetsuit should make an average swimmer faster.

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