Saturday 13 October 2018

Hot 'n' humid

It's amazing that the average temperature on today's run was 21.5ÂșC, and I'd guess upper 90%s humidity. Initially it was raining so I was 'boil in the bag' with a jacket on but feared I'd have too much wind chill without it. Luckily on Houndkirk Road the wind was behind me and that meant I achieved a Strava achievement for the first time in ages.

It's become increasingly harder to receive one of these as I'm being more cautious in training and getting older every day. Also today should have been run at an easy pace although the heart rate data suggests I isn't take it quite easy enough.

I took a few photographs of autumnal leaves but they are all rubbish as there was so little light they are grainy and blurred.

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