Saturday 5 January 2019

New Dore Trail Loop

This morning I felt out of practice, slightly late and had new shoes so it was no time to do a long run. There was also a DIY job waiting at home. I planned a loop using paths I've used previously towards Totley and a footpath I'd spotted on the map to take me to Dore.

A hidden footpath to Dore between rows of houses
Then it was back 'the usual way'.

This was the second outing for new Trail Talon 290 shoes which replaced previous Inov-8 shoes with 1600km wear. Naturally they feel tight and stiff even though they are supposedly the same width fitting.

It's hard to compare well-worn shoes with those fresh out of the box but I feel that these are harder underfoot and a little higher around the heel counter. This latter aspect has been a problem for me previously so I hope that it's an impression rather than reality. An online review generally praised the shoe, as they so often do, but did mention firm cushioning. Although that statement barely  makes sense!

I was able to buy the shoes locally at a good discount from RRP, check out Outside, who have a range of offers online which they will honour in the shop.

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