Saturday 14 March 2020


It's around 7 years since my last park run and I expected to crack 28 minutes in view of my lack of tempo training, and indeed shortage of training altogether over the last year. I went with a small group who'd decided to make an effort to go to Millhouses, chosen as both our nearest and as being less busy than the famous one at Endcliffe Park.

Naturally there were pre-run nerves whilst standing in the cold so I was pleased to remove my fleece and get started. I'm so used to gently trotting along that I knew my pacing could be poor so made a mental effort to start gently and aim to pick up as I (hopefully) became more confident.

Grade adjusted pace per 1km split

My final time was below 24 minutes which I am very satisfied with especially as I don't seem to have upset a joint or muscle. My pacing was exemplary with a nice warm up and then distinct negative splits.

To maintain my current weekly target, and thus consistency, I really need to go out for another 7 or 8 km this afternoon. At least it doesn't look as though it will rain.

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