Saturday 14 May 2022

Ongoing running recovery

I've now had a few months of doing one or two runs each week alongside commuting walks and a weekend hike. As usual I'm not getting any faster but 20km distance is becoming more comfortable. The downside is that I've not swum since Christmas.

In early summer I'm planning a long hike or informal ultra so need a strong base. The route is about 75km with little ascent so is theoretically possible as a slow run in 12 hours or 2 good days of walking. There's a decision to be made around packing as I must plan my pack sensibly if I'm running.

Currently my UltraAspire pack is at Alpkit for a repair. It's only a little defect but it made sense to take it in with a trouser repair.
I'm practicing with my Lowe 22 litre rucsac and have done a few slow runs successfully. Today the weight was 3.3kg but I really needed a few more things in it. I don't fancy a heavier bag.

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