Monday 27 May 2013

Hathersage marathon

I'd set myself a target for this week; 40km at a fair pace. I'd decided to be committed to a 10 minute run:1 minute walk cycle. Of course, any serious up hill sections to be walked too. Initially I was at a good pace including walks but by the end I was struggling to maintain a 7:30min/km pace. I'd hoped to complete a marathon distance in under 5 hours which I did in 'moving time'; excluding my brief stop in Hathersage. I did achieve 40km within 5 hours so not too bad.

Today was also a first test of my new rucsac. It was surprisingly full with water and jacket.  There was still space for overtrousers although I didn't take them today. Generally it worked well but the front straps are a bit fiddly to unfasten with cold hands. I think I prefer traditional plastic clips but they can rub, and even crack in the cold. How well will the soft loops survive?

Considering that the included bladder and pipe are free-of-everything the water was tainted with a plastic taste. Hopefully that will reduce with use. I almost ran out of water and I know that some argue that bottles are easier to monitor and refill. UltrAspire are very much focused on bladder drinking systems. I did fit a small Tropicana bottle on the right strap for a sugar hit.

At each 10 minute walk interval I took a photo to illustrate the route:

Note added 6 days later: My sunday entry says all isn't great though...

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