Wednesday 29 May 2013

In these shoes?

I'd mentioned previously that my Roclite 315 shoes are 18 months old and were showing wear on the left heel. Today I decided to splash out on a new pair and tried on both size 9 and 9.5 as I wondered if the 9s were too small. Well I have worn the 9s out and the 9.5s were too loose, so another pair of 9s were chosen. I suspect that an element of pressure on toes is to be expected on descents and is preferable to shoes so loose that they can be pulled off in mud.

Even acknowledging that the new pair are of a slightly modified design I think it's pretty obvious that the EVA midsole of the old pair is crushed and the whole shoe tilted. This shoes a moderate degree of pronation on the left which I don't do when I walk. On walking the most obvious wear is laterally on the right! The crushing of the midsole could also be found in the centre of both shoes by pinching across it with the foot bed removed.

I think the old orange/brown design is a bit more practical, and perhaps more timeless, than pale and light grey with blue highlights. A minor point though if they work for another year or so. I'll have to get them dirty once my legs are recovered from Monday's exertions (and yesterday's swimming too).

...and something to add a musical interlude:

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