Thursday 19 February 2015

How annoying!

It almost seems unbelievable that a few weeks after committing to an event and feeling physically capable I'm injured. This pattern is becoming a habit. After saturday's run I felt fine but on Tuesday I had a few twinges just after leaving home. I nearly turned back but the problem went away so I put it down to a bit of stiffness and carried on. I was quite happy with my performance.

On Wednesday I was a bit stiff walking to work but when I tried to run to circuits the twinge reappeared. I went by car an it was fine for squats and small lunges. This morning I was fine going into work but by the time I'd been up and down stairs many times it was sore.

So what is 'it'? It seems very similar to last year (indeed very close to a calendar year!) in that threes soreness in the insertion of the left quadriceps in a spot that is especially sensitive to running. Perhaps the slightly longer week was too much, but oddly it was a week where I tried really hard to do a gently long run.

Unlike last year I'm going to lay off running totally until the knee feels a lot better. Last time there was a 2 month period between the upset and really committing to recovery. Indeed during that time I was pushing on and achieved a 5 minute/km 15km run one month after having to stop.

As well as rest I'll put Ibuprofen gel on the knee when I remember and I've a physio appointment booked for early next week. That was in my diary already as a regular maintenance visit. I've only a few weeks to the event and it seems unlikely I'll be OK. The focus will have to be on recovery rather than training. Perhaps it is achievable in view of last year's interrupted recovery?

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