Sunday 22 February 2015

Recovery 1.4

On saturday I committed to a swim instead of a run. I think it was Christmas that I last went to the pool so I was pleasantly surprised by how I got on. Even doing a few lengths of very slow only leg kicks my timing was much as usual. Just before finishing I also found a relaxed pace that felt as though I could do a few lengths together. Unfortunately at that point the pool lanes were being reconfigured for classes and so I had to move around ropes and lost the rhythm. Better still, my arms don't ache today.

After the swim I walked into town and did a bit of shopping before heading for home. My knee did fine through that. Today it feels fairly good too, perhaps the quick decisive action to rest is reaping benefits?

After dull weather this morning it's now snow/sleet and so we may well not bother with an afternoon woods walk. that might be a prompt to do some of the exercises I've neglected for a while.

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