Tuesday 20 October 2015

October 2015 Week 2 session 2

Yesterday I was demonstrably still struggling from the Edale event. I was aching and my resting pulse raised by 10% and so opted to take a rest day. I did heel raises and rollering at home but don't think that counts as much. Importantly by this morning my heart rate was close to normal.

This evening I couldn't postpone a swim for any longer and completed the progressive sets where I should increase pace across 500m. The first set wasn't too bad as I increased from 2:26 to 2:15. In the second set I went out too fast at 2:19 and managed a 2:03 length in the middle before finishing at 2:23. I think the fast length wore me out! The third set was very poor with all 5 100m sets hovering around 2:30. I recall that these felt hard work and I knew I wasn't moving quickly. The pool had developed quite swell and I don't know if that was slowing me down or if it was perceived due to tiredness.

On the positive side there was more progression than I managed a week ago. Looking back at my training programme I seem to have been too eager to restart sets and should be taking longer rests between sets. I'll have to try following instructions next week!

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