Saturday 31 October 2015

October 2015 Week 3 Session 3

After a resting Friday this morning I made sure that I was at the pool for 08:00 so that I could fit the routine in before the lanes were reorganised for classes. Today's plan was for 1/2 length fast and slow but the problem with that is that I can't see what I've done. In a week or the plan calls for alternate lengths so I started today with that rhythm.

As shown the beginning went pretty well. The warm up shows a nice graduation (after the initial rush) and the first 2 sets illustrate my effort fairly well. The next 2 sets weren't as good as I was tiring, and for the final set I had to change lanes as ropes were moved. I am please to see that, in the early sets at least, the stroke/length was pretty constant which means that I was covering same distance per stroke and had increased my stroke rate. Over the last few weeks it does look as though I've been able to gain a few strokes per minute

Although the pattern is good the pace itself isn't great although the last length of set one was at 2:10 min/100m pace; which is great. The average pace declined across the session, as is expected I suppose, from 2:27 to 3:01 per set. The last one shows that I really was flagging considering that this set was with the pull buoy. By then my 'fast' lengths were no faster than my earlier slow ones!

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