Saturday 28 November 2015

26.2km, a metric marathon?

Today's goal was to do a long slow run of around 25km. I set off up the porter Valley as it has been a very long time since I went there. I set off too fast, recording several sub-6 minute kilometres in the early stages. I suspect that extra effort caused later tiredness. In so it was one of my slowest attempts along the valley and it felt a lot harder than it used to. I think I'll have to add it back into my training programme.

Across 'the quarry' and via Oxstones to Houndkirk Road was wet underfoot but the grip of the new Asics shoes was excellent. I detoured into Burbage valley and then looped back via Totley Moor in Blacka Moor and the plantation.

This route included two new paths which were good to explore. First was from Oxytones to the site of the former inn on Houndkirk Road and the second linked the Totley Moor Byway to the Bridleway from Dore village. The latter was hard work as it has a surprising ascent and my left ankle was beginning to be irritated.

I did take a third new path but I doubt I'll use that again. I've passed the finger signs many times previously but boringly stayed on the road. Today I was in the mood to take a diversion and risk getting (slightly) wet feet. I had difficulty deciding where to cross the brook as I didn't want to wade, nor balance on a tree trunk to cross over. Eventually I worked out the safe dry-ish route and ascended back to the road, even then I had to climb over a fence.
The indecision is clear!
The final few km home were hard work and the distance felt far further than it really was. The left ankle issue feels similar to how the right was  few months ago. I suspect it's  a combination of over stretching due to a reduced heel drop on the new shoes and maybe rubbing from the neoprene gaiter. Odd that I was fine on the last run. Of course these things are cumulative and today I did have 600m of ascent to give more tension in my lower leg. As i write this I'm wearing an ice pack in the hope it might help. Usually I feel these niggles are too trivial for 'RICE' but I'm getting fed up of being not-quite-fit.

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