Tuesday 5 April 2016

January 2016 Week 10 Session 3

After a badly constructed warm-up where the first length was fastest I set to a routine of slow/fast alternate 66m sets. In the first of these I achieved an average of 2:03min/100m across 66m twice.

The pace for 'fast' lengths is repeatedly hovering around the 2:00min/100m line, at last!
For both sets of 400m at a fair aerobic pace I averaged 2:14min/100m showing that I wasn't fatiguing too badly. However by the end of the second slow/fast set the best I could manage was 2:15min/100m at 66m.

I am developing a feel that for better speed I have to focus on length and power of the catch and not attempt excessive tempo. Just a bit is enough! I'm consciously reaching through my shoulder too.

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