Saturday 2 April 2016

January 2016 Week 2 Session 2

Back-to-back swim today resulted in some poor pace and above-average strokes/length. It was clear that I was tired, at least in my arms. My morning resting heart rate wasn't raised. My recorded performance was also impaired by having enforced breaks and slow-downs due to other lane users. That's life. Basically I failed to increase pace beyond the first set where my best 100m was 2:08min/100m.

Four swims this week and the distance starts to look respectable
Importantly I tried the paddles again. I should have been using them since Week 1 but my previous experience was of them being so unwieldy that  I found excuses not to bother. Today the excuses ran out and the paddles weren't so bad. I think that this means that I'm getting a better approach to the water and better, more powerful, catch so that the paddles don't twist awkwardly. I could feel the increased load on each stroke. Hopefully I'll be able to lift my arms tomorrow.

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