Tuesday 19 April 2016

January 2016 Week 12 Session 1

Ten seconds faster than last week. After over 75 minutes of swimming I completed the sets a mere 10 seconds faster than last week. Much of that derived from a fast-ish warm up set  but to my mind the most important bit was that today I could have gone faster in the later sets

Although my pace reduced towards the end I felt that I had reserve but  not enough to accelerate past the swimmer in front. For the last 2 sets I was pausing after each length to let him pull away and then catching up by the end of the length. I didn't have enough power to accelerate past though. So you could look at this as either I could have been a quicker, or, even though I was a tiny bit faster than last week I didn't feel as tired. Either position shows a gain.

Incidentally, to be fair to the swimmer in front, he didn't have a pull buoy to help him along. So he was doing 2:18min/100m for 1500m or so whereas I managed a best of 2:29min/100m in my 200m set.

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