Saturday 15 October 2016

Autumnal evening

My legs were typically leaden for the first few kilometres but they gradually fell into rhythm within the woods and worked well on the ascent of Blackamoor. Just as I started the climb through the trees I heard 2 cyclists splash through the form on the bridleway and all the way to Hathersage Road I kept expecting them to overtake me. They didn't so I suspect they must have turned off somewhere, I can't have been that speedy.

The evening was cooling by the time I reached Houndkirk Road but it was a calm and mild nonetheless.

Last week I was concerned about stiffness in my right foot/ankle and this is still an ongoing problem  but I tried not to 'grip' the ground so much and it didn't seem so bad. Some areas of hard skin have become irritating on my toes and I put this down to the 'gripping' and perhaps a show that's starting to rub. The strange thing is that my feet and knees were great in Tenerife, in these shoes, even with substantial distances being covered. I think a starting point is to find a new chiropodist to have things smoothed off competently.

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