Thursday, 12 January 2017

September 2016 Week 12 Session 2

I started today's session early in the day having been blessed with a day of annual leave. Hopefully that meant I wouldn't be too tired to complete the sets well. Naturally I forgot my plan from last week  and set off at 47s per length with a goal of 47, 45, 43, 41 seconds. The data show that I achieved 47, 45.3, 44 and 43.7 seconds which was unfortunately a spot slower than last week even though I had a gentler start. Really, 47s is a bit too slow as I have to wait at the end of each lengthFor the second super set the outcome was 47.3, 46.7, 47.3 and another 47.3 seconds per length. As in Week 11 I had no more energy in my arms and was mostly a little slower across the board even though I had fairly clear pool. Looking back at my performance in this session across the programme my progress is disappointingly slight...

Today I was supposed to have gone for my SwimSmooth lesson but it was cancelled, which is a pity, but it gives me a little more time to reinforce the slight gains that I have made.

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