Saturday 8 July 2017

One week on

I'm still thinking "what was I going this time last week?", such was the impact of The Big Walk 2017 on me. During this first week of recovery I've been conscious that I should careful but not exactly sure what that really means. Straight after the event I feel good, even elated, but I knew my body was tired. Even on Tuesday, I cut my swim short and found that my pace was clearly below normal.

On Wednesday I went to circuit training but found the jog there hard work. Throughout the session I avoided stressing my legs too much, but even so, felt not to be quite my normal self. By Thursday I was aware of niggle around my knees and ankles. Nothing distinctly painful, and nothing that stayed still. Just every so often a spot of soreness that moved to another area fairly within an hour so. Do a degree I attributed that to too much sitting at a workplace meting but I also believed that it indicated a low level of irritation around joints and muscle insertions. Not surprising really. Yesterday evening I did a slow, short run, just to loosen up my body after a day infant of the computer.

By today, over a week later, I think I'm starting to get back to some where close to normal. This morning I went for a swim at Hatfield and managed a few hundred metres further than previously and at a slightly better pace. The effort was reduced  by the water being millpond-flat and nearly 20 degrees, but even so, it was an hour of swimming. This afternoon's run felt hard but it was warm and humid, I didn't try very hard, I did notice that my heart rate seemed to struggle to increase. A lower heart rate at a given perceived intensity of exercise is related to fatigue.

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