Wednesday 24 January 2018


In a quick after work swim I completed 1000m as a single set. The time was a little slower than last week but I did get held up in my lane twice and swapped lane once. Those few delays easily account for the 14 seconds lost; basically I was at the same pace. Timing of the first 200m was indistinct but appears to be below 5:00 minutes, if only by a couple of seconds but as the set finished my pace was 2:35min/100m.

I'm disappointed with length recording with the 935, I tried to do distinct push-offs at each length although sometimes not as easily as hoped due to people standing at the lane ends. Powerful push-offs save time too!

This evening I received an envelope of CR1620 lithium cells from eBay so I can get going with CSS sets using the Tempo Trainer Pro.

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