Friday 12 January 2018

Making progress again

After work I did a 20 minute or so swim session working on high elbow catch without the pull buoy. As usual I started with a 200m set without aids and focussed on technique throughout. I was thrilled to complete within 5 minutes but couldn't see the exact time. Looking at the data afterwards I'd managed 4:47 minutes which is a clear PB by 4 seconds.

Unfortunately I lost the data for the rest of the session as I was working with my new Finis Agility paddles and found button pressing difficult - so I pressed the wrong buttons! Anyway, the session data isn't all that important as by alternating lengths with and without the paddles I didd sense the paddles lifting off my hand when I over-reached, and a strong catch, even without the paddles, when I was well positioned. I'd been told to only use the paddles in 100m stretches but even that load seemed too much for me at the moment as my technique waned over 2 lengths at 66m.

This is great progress over the last week but of course I can't expect to maintain progress at this rate.

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