Tuesday 24 April 2018

First 62spm session

With a new CR1620 the TempoTrainer was set to 62 in Mode 3 and put to work. I found I could manage 4 lengths for a set, 133m, and maintain the stroke rate and reasonable form so 6 sets of that was great after a warm-up.

My pace was 2:14min/100m consistently across a set and only slight variation within each. I felt as though I could have managed longer sets but focussing on high elbow and tipping my fingers gave m plenty to think about and I didn't want to loose focus.

My left shoulder and elbow still have a slight niggle and it'll be interesting to see whether the physio thinks it's Ok to continue with these short sessions.

The display is fading on the timer after 24hours stand-by and 1 swim so either the eBay batteries are junk or there is some sort of short in the unit causing the battery to fail prematurely.

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