Friday 6 April 2018

Pace progress and aspirations

Over the last week I've noted a few improvements in freestyle pace. These aren't PBs nor has any useful barrier been smashed but there are indicators of progress.

The first is that I achieve 2:00min/100m with paddles over a 100m interval reasonably regularly now. Second, during interval sessions I can exceed 2:10min/100m without paddles or pullbuoy and on occasion have reached 2:05min/100m for the occasional 25m length.

These timings suggest to me that 2:00min/100m is an achievable goal over the next few months, if only for a 100m set. OK, so I need a 10% gain, but the data show that I am applying  more force to the water and developing the strength and technique to do it. A year ago I wouldn't have thought it possible as I was struggling to do that with the pullbuoy.

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