Saturday 26 May 2018

Hard work #2

So, it's well accepted that it's good practice to keep a training diary to reveal trends.

The last few weeks have shown me that doing 4 or 5, even short, swims during the week leaves me tired for Saturday morning. The effect is especially clear if I made an effort during my Friday afterwork swim. Today's session felt like hard work aerobically and my left elbow ached and my shoulder felt stiff.

This week I've ben focussing on high elbow and vertical forearm whilst trying to limit forearm movement likely to aggravate my mild tennis elbow discomfort. The style is feeling a bit more establish and less awkward although I think my left arm is not as tidy as my right. Part of this will be the unilateral breathing and partly due to my right-handedness (not that I'm useless with my left hand in general).

Despite the tiredness I managed the 200m warm-up at my supposed CSS pace of 2:23min/100m and 100m sets a little faster. The contrast is with Thursday when I did 800m at 2:21min/100m - so really my CSS pace must be better than 2:23min/100m!

The message is clear though; no swimming tomorrow!

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