Monday 2 July 2018

Loss of pace

After work my elbow felt pretty good so I decided in favour of a swim; even though over the weekend I'd thought I might quit for the whole of July. I thought that a continuous swim was needed as I've become far too used to stopping for sets or intervals and lost the feeling of just keeping going.

The image tells the story as my pace showed a tailing off from start to finish. For the first 20 lengths I felt fine but I was well aware that the last 12 were a struggle. Nonetheless a scan of my blog suggests that 24:22min for 1000m is a PB with an average pace of 2:26min/100m.

02/07/18 2:26min/100m
02/02/18 2:28min/100m
18/01/18 2:32 min/100m
05/03/17 2:42 min/100m
04/01/16 3:02 min/100m
26/02/15 3:40 min/100m

During and after the swim my shoulder and elbow felt good so maybe I am healing?

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