Tuesday 19 November 2013

Powered by cake

On  my way home from work I ate a slice of New Roots' Everythingless cake. Of course it can't really have nothing in it but it does have lots of dried fruit and a little wholemeal flour. I think it is responsible for a great run this evening where I gained 11 Strava achievements. Some of these are nested so the real achievements aren't so great but it does mark a good consistent turn of speed. I might also have been helped by trying to achieve a good 1km pace alongside the park and so as I eased off after that nothing felt as tough as usual. The icy weather could have been an incentive too as I needed to keep going to stay warm. Whatever the cause, the whole loop was probably my third best effort but, most importantly, under the hour. Beyond that any differences are only seconds which are irrelevant on a road circuit interrupted by junctions.

The Brooks shoes do still feel fast and even after applying a bit more effort I've not suffered from sore calves so I'm probably getting used to them at the 11km distance now.

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