Monday 11 November 2013

Hamstring OK, but still discomfort

I've been making quite an effort with the stretches and curls over the last 2 weeks and now the left hamstring has has much movement as the right. Nonetheless, over the weekend, whilst away in Birmingham the discomfort started to build up again.
The dusk skyline from the Library of Birmingham
Luckily I had an appointment already booked with the physio and she felt that doing 'tourist' walking, stopping, photos was possibly responsible for irritating it. Now, the pattern of tension and referred pain is classic piriformis syndrome; which is an issue I'd long suspected to be within the problem. Sitting on trains and planes is definately an irritant too!

I did do some shopping and came home with a Rab AL long-sleeved shirt. (Note added later: I've worn it a few times now and it is quite warm, OK for me on cold days but too much if you're a hot runner).
Image stolen from the Rab website

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